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    Ratcliff and Associates is an independent representative of office furniture manufacturers. We have put together a very synergistic line package so that we can meet our client's needs with each project. We are here to be a resource and in the process build a long lasting relationship with our clients.


    People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

    Seth Godin

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    We've got a top notch team!

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    Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas Administration

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    DFW, East Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

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    Fred Hursh

    Central Texas and the Valley

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    Lisa Neary


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    Marianne Prarat

    San Antonio/Austin

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    Crystal Sparks

    West Texas

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    Sam Chonich


  • Company We Keep

    The brands we sell represent the highest of quality.

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    Furniture for business

    Part of the Jasper Group family of brands, JSI is furniture for business interiors. The JSI brand manufactures seating and casegoods in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. Not to mention a full range of seating from task to lounge. When the doors first opened, we built our reputation through our long-lasting, quality wood office chairs; now we’ve integrated ergonomics and office dynamics into our seating and casegoods offerings.

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    Commercial office furniture

    We offer the best value in the industry; we design, manufacture, market beautiful products that meet the strictest quality standards ...those of our customers and, at very competitive prices! We also welcome and embrace innovation. Our drive for creativity forces us to always look ahead, it paves the way for the future and helps us become more agile in today’s ever-changing environments and market segments. We also know that each customer’s needs are special so we work together to create the best solutions possible.

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    Gallery collection

    In our line you will find some of the world’s great designs – both old and new. Experiments with materials and shapes. Forms created from minds that never stop thinking about possibilities. It is from these concepts that Malik Gallery Collection strives to deliver to you the finest possible furniture in design and quality.

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    Dauphin Human Design

    Seating solutions with beautiful design

    Dauphin is a leading provider of consultative seating solutions for corporate, education, hospitality, and healthcare markets. Since our founding in 1969, we’ve developed an expertise in healthy sitting through continuous research and a series of patented innovations. At the center of our philosophy is the human being, the sedentary person, who engages in focus or collaborative work or just relaxes while on break. We seek to provide these individuals with the very best seating solutions that offer optimal comfort and support for their physical and mental well-being.

    Through our individual and lounge seating offerings, Dauphin delivers a range of high-quality, European-designed and German-engineered products that provide a great foundation for furnishing spaces which are both functional and enhance people's quality of life. Our Phone Cube and Space Cubes bring attractive free-standing enclosures to open offices where acoustic and visual privacy are required for individuals or groups. Ergonomically designed working environments, holistically organized offices and fascinating environments for privacy and collaboration are the result of Dauphin research

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    Work in style with beautiful reception and conference pieces

    Over our 40-year history, Nevers has established an impressive legacy of beautifully crafted tables and case goods for some of the country’s most prestigious offices. From the Pentagon and Camp David to America’s Fortune 100 and 500 companies, our fit-for-performance solutions fuel workplace productivity by incorporating the latest technology, fostering collaboration and inspiring organizations to thrive.

    Known throughout the industry for a can-do flexibility few others possess, Nevers nimbly accommodates customers with standard product lines and tailored solutions that range from slight modifications and semi-custom upgrades to one-of-a-kind commissions.

    By applying our expert craftsmanship to exacting specifications, we create superior products that allow productive people to Work in Style.

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    Beautifully designed chairs and tables

    Our chairs and tables are primarily used in conference rooms. They are also used as room chairs in hotels, hospital seating, seating for schools and universities, lounge and waiting rooms. Woodstock offers high design at very reasonable prices. We have quick shipping and you can rest easy, that you are selling a Contract grade commercial quality product.

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    Intentional design creating beautiful spaces

    That's why we can talk about design philosophy, a love of the wisdom behind designing and building a chair, a sofa, a table or any other complementary item. For years, Segis is part of more advanced scenario internationally and innovates design paradigms by creating objects of versatility both functional and aesthetic. Segis design is "alive", concrete, practical. Different technical, productive and creative skills come together in a rich and original energy that flows from collaboration with clever designers.

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    Via Seating

    Great things happen in a chair

    At Via Seating we have a philosophy–great things happen in a chair. It is with this vision that we set out to cultivate the perfect sitting experience. Through the creative genius of our team of engineers, ergonomists and designers across the world, we shape comfortable chairs with innovative technology at an incredible value backed by our industry-leading warranty. Our solutions translate across a variety of work and collaborative spaces. Explore our 17 categories and growing of seating including task, conference, executive, guest, lounge, outdoor, and more. Discover for yourself how great things happen in a Via Seating chair.

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    Light Corp


    LightCorp is a company born of necessity. Under the Shape family of companies, we were founded in 1986 when a customer needed a lighting solution they couldn't find anywhere else. Since then, we've been a consistent supplier of entrepreneurial thinking, quality manufacturing, and unmatched follow-through.


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    Seating, Tables, and so much more

    At Allermuir, we create great contemporary furniture for offices, homes and public spaces. And we believe it’s no good to just do what you’ve done before. You have to move on, grow, challenge. So we don’t like to go with the flow. We like to try new things. Different directions.

    When you can have the best of two seemingly opposing worlds – style and substance, tradition and innovation, more and less. At Senator, we refuse to focus on one thing if it lessens another. We won’t compromise on what matters, because only then can we push what’s possible. For the people we work with, that means you can have your cake and eat it. And sit on our amazing chairs whilst doing so.

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    Right Angle

    Height Adjustable Tables including Customs and Ergonomic Products

    K&A Manufacturing, d.b.a. RightAngle™ Products is a family owned office furniture manufacturing company started by father and son, Warren and Bill Knighton in 1985 in Wausau, WI.

    At that time, the Knighton duo recognized that many people were suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, especially those who frequently typed on a keyboard. This inspired them to create a wrist support designed to keep a user's wrists at the "right angle." Then, the RightAngle™ brand was born.

    And now they focus on height adjustability while still staying true to their roots of ergonomics. Everything is still manufactured Wausau, WI which allows them to have complete control over the manufacturing process. This creates the perfect environment to create customs based on their clients exact needs.

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    Calyx by Claridge


    The premier glassboard and whiteboard manufacturer


    Backed by a 75-year history of crafting the world’s finest writing surfaces and working in tandem with Claridge general building and renovation solutions, Calyx by Claridge is a new brand for a new era. Offering curated collections for commercial interiors, Calyx by Claridge fosters collaboration, stimulates creativity, and empowers people to reach their full potential. What can we help you achieve?

    Calyx by Claridge – Where ideas are born.™

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    Defining your workspace using division and acoustics.

    Flexible and Versatile Solutions


    At MergeWorks, we combine engineering and innovative design to transform offices into functional, beautiful workspaces that promote collaboration while providing the visual and sound privacy workers need to stay focused and productive.

    Our products include desk dividers, room dividers, acoustic wall panels, tiles, shapes and baffles, mobile dry erase boards, sit stand desks and accessories. Every order is customized to meet our customers’ needs, and all products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas.

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    OE Electrics

    Dedicated to Powering People


    Our mission is clear: to provide top-notch power solutions for all types of spaces, all over the world. We strive to enhance functionality and adaptability and firmly believe in creating inclusive and sustainable spaces that promote collaboration and efficiency in the commercial office space and beyond!

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